Winnipeg: North End & Inner-city

Point Douglas South, the more disadvantaged one of two neighbourhoods clusters in the North End, had a population in 2005 of 12,255 which is an 8% increase since 2001 (City of Winnipeg, undated). Average annual household income was $30,523 as compared with Winnipeg’s average income of $63,023. The incidence of low-income among ‘economic families’ was 45.3% and among single people was 62.4% which was much higher than the respective Winnipeg averages of 11.1% and 34.8%. 45.4% of the population identified themselves as aboriginal while 10.2% of Winnipeggers made an equivalent identification. Visible minorities represented 16.8% in the neighbourhood, slightly lower than the Winnipeg average of 16.3%.

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