Toronto: Parkdale & Vicinity

South Parkdale, a poorer neighbourhood in the Parkdale-Roncessville area, like several other neighbourhoods that form a ‘U’ around the edge of Toronto suffers from high rates of poverty and air pollution (Pollution Watch, 2008, p.22). South Parkdale’s population in 2006 was 21,005 which is an 8.1% reduction in the population since 2001(City of Toronto, 2007). The incidence of low-income is 40.0% for economic families and 56.3% for individuals. This is an increase from 35.4% and 48.7%, respectively from 2001. Just over one-half of private households had annual income below $30,000. 55.5% of people in the neighbourhood are visible minority and at least 1.1% were aboriginal origin (document states this is an underestimate). 91% of residents rent their accommodations.

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